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Canmore Hybrid Bag

Canmore Hybrid Bag
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Price: £108.29 (£129.95 incl. TAX)

This Latest addition to the Canmore® range is a 4 collar Hybrid bag. The bag is constructed using their Technically advanced GORE-TEX® fabric with a hide outer which gives the feel and weight of a hide bag without the maintenance, traditional hide bags require. The bag comes supplied with a jubilee clip, O ring, tape, zip lubricant and a bottle trap.

It is suitable for use in all Highland pipes and is compatible with most moisture control systems.

It comes in 5 sizes:

  • Small 9 ½” x 26 ¼”
  • Extended Small 9 ½” x 27 ¼”
  • Medium 10 ¼” x 27 ¼”
  • Extended Medium 10 ¼” x 28 ¼”
  • Large 11” x 28 ¼”