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Chamber Pipes by Kilberry

Chamber Pipes by Kilberry
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The chamber pipe is a miniature version of the highland pipe.  This produces a practice chanter type sound but with the addition of three drones - two tenors and a bass.  They are generally in the key of B flat and are suitable for playing indoors, as the name would suggest.  These pipes are made from African blackwood, have a small Bannatyne synthetic bag and come with choice of covers and cords. The chanter on this set is African blackwood and the pipes come fully reeded and ready to play.

Sound samples

Short sample

Longer sample

Bag Cover material:
Bag Cover Colour:
Fringe or Braid:
Drone Cords Colour:
Drone Reeds:
Pipe Bag:
Pipe Bag Size:
Blowpipe Length:
Moisture Control (for zipped bags)