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Surefire Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reed - Synthetic

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Surefire Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reed - Synthetic

The perfect answer to old fashioned cane reed problems. The Highland Bagpipe Surefire Synthetic Bagpipe Chanter Reeds are hand-made in Scotland by pipers, for pipers. No problems with moisture, humidity, temperature, playing in time etc. Surefire synthetic pipe chanter reeds come ready to play!

Easy reeds are the perfect reed for the beginner, child or ageing piper. They have a nice tone and will give results that will last and last when compared to cane reeds.

The Medium/Easy are the best selling of the Surefire reeds. They have a good volume and will last much longer than the conventional reeds. Quite often people will assume you are blowing a much harder reed.

The Medium reeds have good volume and tone and are best suited to the more experienced player. Extra strength will ensure some extra volume ( but at a cost ).

*Warning* The Strong reeds are very challenging and are only suitable for a very experienced player. It is packed with volume and tone and not for the faint-hearted!

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