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David Naill Bagpipes Set DN3

David Naill Bagpipes Set DN3
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Price: £979.17 (£1,175.00 incl. TAX)

Made from top quality African blackwood, fully combed and beaded, with imitation ivory projecting mounts, ferrules and ring caps.

These pipes come with a canmore bag with collars, cane pipe chanter reed, Murrayreeds Drone reeds, plastic pipe chanter and your own choice of cover and cords.

REMEMBER: With all bagpipe sets and packages, we only take a deposit of 40% on receipt of your order and do not charge the balance until the order is despatched.

Orders for Blackwood items for delivery outwith the EU now require a CITES export certificate at a cost of £69. This will be added to the order. Should you order 2 or more blackwood items only one certificate is required per order.

Bag Cover material:
Bag Cover Colour:
Fringe or Braid:
Drone Cords Colour:
Drone Reeds:
Pipe Bag:
Pipe Bag Size:
Blowpipe Length:
Pipe Chanter:
Moisture Control (for zipped bags)
CITES Export Licence: