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DroneDry Stocks Moisture Control System

DroneDry Stocks Moisture Control System
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Price: £100.00 (£120.00 incl. TAX)

DroneDry is a ground breaking bagpipe moisture control system incorporating a specially engineered set of stocks that absorb and restrict excess moisture from gaining access to the bagpipe reeds and designed to be compatible with any bag.

Advantages of this sytem include

  • Allows air to circulate when not in use to aid in expelling excess moisture
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No need to remove reeds after playing
  • Dries reeds when not playing
  • Compatible with ANY bag
  • No need to have a zip bag
  • Doesn't restrict or muffle the sound
  • No hoses or canisters to clog your bag
  • Doesn't weigh your bag down and cause slippage
  • Doubles as a reed protector for your drones
  • Allows bags to dry quicker
  • Can be customised to match your pipes