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DrummingMad StartPad

DrummingMad StartPad
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Price: £16.63 (£19.96 incl. TAX)

The DrummingMad StartPad is a revolutionary, cost effective solution for every beginner snare drummer. An innovative and unique new drumming practice pad which helps every beginner snare drummer reach drumming success!


  • XX Marks the Spot. Guides to assist perfect aim and includes representation of the snare region and playing area.
  • Flexible, Portable & Durable. The StartPad is made from a flexible and durable material which makes it more flexible than any other practice pad. You can carry the pad with your music in a folder, or roll it up and just carry it in your pocket. You'll always be ready to take it out and play wherever you go!
  • Non-Slip Base. A uniquely designed non-slip base grips surfaces to prevent the pad from slipping around while being played upon.

Ideal for Beginners or just for practice!!