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Electronic Bagpipes

Electronic Bagpipes
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The new Ross Technologies programmable electronic bagpipes are a high quality digital instrument, equally suitable for use as a convenient practice chanter or with an amplifier for live performance.

They are based on crystal-controlled cutting edge microcontroller technology and are completely digital - which totally eliminates frequency drift and drone tuning problems.

The notes are played in a very realistic manner by covering electronic touch sensors, positioned to exactly match the finger spacing of a regular pipe chanter. The unit may be programmed to play in the regular bagpipe key of 'b-flat' or one of seven different keys to match the pitch of other instruments. This is done by simply playing the desired key on the finger holes i.e. all holes covered for the key of 'g'.

These are great fun and with 8 keys available, they can be made to fit in with almost any instrument. There is a volume control which can also be very handy - both for turning up... and down, depending on who's playing!