Repair, Replacement and Refurbishment

We offer a range of services to help repair, replace and refurbish bagpipes. Our years of expertise allows us to offer a variety of options to keep your bagpipes in prime condition. Please browse the list below to see how we can help:

  • Imitation Ivory Ferrule Replacement 
  • Imitation Ivory Mount Replacement 
  • Ring and Bush Replacement
  • Pipe Chanter Sole Filled (Owners)
  • Replacement Imitation Ivory Pipe Chanter Sole 
  • Nickel Ferrule Replacement 
  • Tuning Pin Replacement 
  • Blowstick Replacement 
  • Chanter and Blowstick Stock
  • Bass/Tenor Stock Owners Mount
  • Tenor Bottom Section 
  • Bass Bottom Section 
  • Bass Middle Section 
  • Tenor Top
  • Bass Top
  • Practice Chanter Top Blackwood
  • Rehemp
Do you want to upgrade/refresh or change the look of your pipes? We can help you achieve this.  We can offer new mounts in aged or new style imitation ivory, engraved/plain nickel or silver.  We can also replace broken and split drone sections, stocks and blowpipes to help achieve your pipes best sound.  If you have an idea of how you would like your pipes to look. Contact us to discuss possibilities and pricing.
Please contact us to find out the price of these services.
Additionally if you have any needs not listed please get in touch and we will see what we can do:
Address: 27 St.Mary's Street, Edinburgh. EH1 1TA
Telephone: 0131 556 9607