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Kilberry Bagpipes Half engraved Nickel Set

Kilberry Bagpipes Half engraved Nickel Set
kilberry-gold-medal-engraved-nickel-ivory.jpg kilberry-gold-medal-engraved-nickel-ivory-detail-1.jpg Kilberry Celtic Pattern Kilberry Dot Knot pattern Kilberry Runic pattern Kilberry Thistle pattern
Availability: Current shipping time is 4 - 6 weeks
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Price: £860.00 (£1,032.00 incl. TAX)

First class bagpipes, with the choice of Aged or White ivory, as well as your choice of 4 unique designs. Like all Kilberry bagpipes by Douglas Murray, these sound excellent and look great.

These pipes are made from specially selected African blackwood, fully combed and beaded and come with solid nickel engraved ringcaps, ferrules, slides and mouth piece tube with imitation ivory mounts.

Kilberry Bagpipes are now supplied as sticks only but you can add as much or as little as you want to complete your ideal set of bagpipes. We will, however, continue to offer great value and optional special offers.

Currently there is around a 4 - 6 week lead time on this product.

Orders for Blackwood items for delivery outwith the EU now require a CITES export certificate at a cost of £69. This will be added to the order at checkout. Should you order 2 or more blackwood items only one certificate is required per order.


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