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Kilberry Blackwood Smallpipes Package

Kilberry Blackwood Smallpipes Package
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Price: £664.16 (£796.99 incl. TAX)

The Kilberry Blackwood smallpipes package - includes mouthblown blackwood pipes, a carry case, maintenance book, yellow hemp, resin, 2 brushes and spare reeds.

These are made in the key of A, Bb or D by Kilberry Bagpipes of Edinburgh.

The basic package supplies the single set of pipes with one bass drone, one baritone drone and one tenor drone, but can be upgraded to the dual set which gives you 4 drones and a second chanter, which can be in a different key.

The pipes are plain finished with plain nickel ferrules and come complete with a small, synthetic bag, which is maintenance free.

The smallpipes are mouth-blown but there is an option to upgrade to arm-operated bellows to pump air to the bag,

Each set comes fully reeded, with a choice of colour for the bag cover and ready to play.

Video Sample

A short video of Neil playing a Kilberry blackwood set in A

Sound Samples
Hear for yourself how our smallpipes sound by listening to the sound samples below:

Kilberry Smallpipes in A Short Sample (7 secs)
Kilberry Smallpipes in A Long Sample (51 seconds)

Kilberry Smallpipes in D Short Sample (7 seconds)
Kilberry Smallpipes in D Long Sample (52 seconds)

Bag Cover Material:
Bag Cover Colour:
Blowpipe length: