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Kilberry Bagpipes Practice Chanter Kit

Kilberry Bagpipes Practice Chanter Kit
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Learn to play the bagpipes with the Kilberry Practice Chanter kit, conveniently packaged as shown in the image.

The chanter is made from black acetal (plastic) and the kit comes complete with the chanter, reed and learning book (written by bagpipe makers Neil Manderson and Dave Wardell) plus CD. The quality of all the items is very high and you get a great sound from the chanter.

A CD has numerous tracks corresponding to the sections in the book.

Contents of the Book include:

  1. The practice chanter
  2. Learning the basics
  3. The bagpipe scale
  4. The G gracenote
  5. The D and E gracenotes
  6. Doublings
  7. Tachums
  8. Throw on the D
  9. Grips and taorluath
  10. Strikes
  11. The birl
  12. Explanation of bagpipe music
  13. Exercises
  14. Tunes

Order now while stocks last and learn to play the pipes !