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Kilberry ULTIMATE Package

Kilberry ULTIMATE Package
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This package deal has been put together for those people who cannot decide whether to buy highland pipes or smallpipes. This way, you can have both! In recent years, the popularity of Scottish smallpipes has grown, but a lot of people also want to have the full 'big' sound of Highland Pipes. The package includes the Kilberry 'A' style highland set plus the Kilberry smallpipes plastic set in the key of A, along with the de luxe carry bag.
The fingerwork technique for both these sets is the same, so whatever you can play on the 'big' pipes, - you can play on the smallpipes. The highland pipes are made from top quality African Blackwood, with a synthetic bag, polypenco pipe chanter and come fully reeded and ready to play. The smallpipes are mouthblown and made completely from black acetal (plastic). Again they have a synthetic bag and are fully reeded and ready to play.

REMEMBER: With all bagpipe sets and packages, we only take a deposit of 30% on receipt of your order and do not charge the balance until the order is despatched.

Bag Cover material:
Bag Cover Colour:
Fringe or Braid:
Drone Cords Colour:
Drone Reeds:
Pipe Bag:
Pipe Bag Size:
Blowpipe Length:
Moisture Control (for zipped bags)
CITES Export Licence: