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McCallum Bagpipes AB Plain Full Alloy

McCallum Bagpipes AB Plain Full Alloy
mccallum-full-plain-alloy.jpg mccallum-full-plain-alloy-tenor-drone.jpg mccallum-full-plain-alloy-ringcap.jpg mccallum-full-plain-alloy-mount-slide-ferrule.jpg mccallum-full-plain-alloy-mouthpiece.jpg
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Price: £1,070.00 (£1,284.00 incl. TAX)

Made from top quality African blackwood, fully combed and beaded, plain alloy projecting mounts, ferrules, slides and ringcaps. plus plain alloy mouthpiece with McCallum plastic pipe chanter and plain alloy chanter bowl and sole. These pipes come with a canmore bag with collars, cane pipe chanter reed, Murrayreeds drone reeds and your own choice of cover and cords.

REMEMBER: With all bagpipe sets and packages, we only take a deposit of 40% on receipt of your order and do not charge the balance until the order is despatched.

Orders for Blackwood items for delivery outwith the EU now require a CITES export certificate at a cost of £69. This will be added to the order. Should you order 2 or more blackwood items only one certificate is required per order.

Bag Cover material:
Bag Cover Colour:
Fringe or Braid:
Drone Cords Colour:
Drone Reeds:
Pipe Bag:
Pipe Bag Size:
Blowpipe Length:
Pipe Chanter:
Moisture Control (for zipped bags)
CITES Export Licence: