Kilberry Bagpipes "Full Plain Silver" set
Kilberry Bagpipes "Full Plain Silver" set
Kilberry Bagpipes

Kilberry Bagpipes "Full Plain Silver" set

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We offer customers a chance to purchase the bagpipes as either Sticks Only or a Set. Sticks Only refers to the Drones, Stocks and Blowpipe only. Set refers to a complete set of bagpipes that are ready to play. 

The Kilberry Bagpipes 'Full Plain Nickel' set is made from top quality African Blackwood. They are made with fully beaded and combed top quality African blackwood in the Kilberry workshop in the centre of Edinburgh.

They are finished with solid plain nickel ring caps, ferrules, slides, mounts and mouthpiece slide.

These pipes come with a Canmore bag with zip and collars, Duncan Souter pipe chanter reed, Neil Selbie Drone Reeds, Kilberry plastic pipe chanter, and your own choice of cover and cords!

Currently, there is around a 3 - 6 week lead time on this product.

Please contact us for more information. 

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