Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds- Bass Reed Only
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Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds- Bass Reed Only

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Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds- Bass Reed Only

The Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone reed was redesigned to offer brighter tenor reeds.  The Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds are bright but not buzzy.  The very popular Kinnaird Bass reed is largely the same as the previous design with slightly more power.  Similar to the Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Reed, a metal set screw and allen key allows for easy adjustment of tuning height. The reed seats are glass fibre and stronger than other brands. Pitch adjustment is with the tuning screw and o-ring bridle to control air flow.  These reeds offer very good air efficiency.  They are easy to set-up and offer excellent moisture resistance.  The reeds have a curved carbon fibre moulded, cane like tongue.

If you play an easy reed or struggle with your pipes, consider the "Easy" versions which come set up out of the box easier than our regular reeds. Customization available, please inquire.

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