Scottish Smallpipes by Kilberry (African Blackwood)
Scottish Smallpipes by Kilberry (African Blackwood)
Kilberry Bagpipes

Scottish Smallpipes by Kilberry (African Blackwood)

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These are made in the key of A, Bb, C or D by Kilberry Bagpipes of Edinburgh. These pipes produce a very mellow, haunting sound and are for indoor use. The pipes have one bass drone, one baritone drone and one tenor drone, resulting in a lovely harmonic drone sound.

They are plain finished with plain nickel ferrules and come complete with a small, synthetic bag, which is maintenance-free. These smallpipes can be supplied either mouth-blown if preferred or with arm-operated bellows to pump air to the bag.

Each set comes fully reeded, with a choice of colour for the bag cover and ready to play.

Available also as a dual set of smallpipes, with four drones and a choice of two chanters in different keys. They are ideal for playing indoors on their own, or along with other instruments.