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Hear World Pipe Band Champions Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band in their outstanding performance at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.... Tracks are:-

16/8 March: MacLeod of Mull
2Hornpipes: The Sandpiper - No Regrets
3Reels: Big Duncan's Reel - Lauren McCowan's Reel - Dr.Alastair's Reel - Armstrong's - Francis Morton's
4MSR: The Highland Wedding - Blair Drummond - Pretty Marion
5Tag Team:Alastair Dunn: The Piledriver - The Reel of Tulloch
Gordon McCready: The Tourist - The Broken Chanter - The Silver Spear - The Concertina Reel
Michael Fitzhenry: The Spice of Life - Pleasanton Butter Buns - Unknown
Trio: The Sugar Free Reel
6Medley: Trevor Buckley - Seanaidh's Tune - John MacDougall Gillies - Tar the House - The Top Tier - The Bollywood Lounge - The Unknown Air - The Fiddler's Rally
7Hornpipes: Miss Megan Harrington - Chasing Shadows
8Solo by Ryan Canning: The Hag At the Churn - Delaney's Drummers - Mrs.MacLeod of Raasay - Trip to Ballymena - The Rare Air Reel - Soft Horse Reel - Exert from Puirt-a-Buel
9Hornpipes: The Winnipeg Forger - Walking the Plank
10Drum Salute
11Donald MacLeod Tribute: Malcolm Ferguson - The Old Woman's Dance - Butterfingers - Donald Cameron's Powder Horn
12Solo by Andrew Carlisle: Harry McAleer's Favourite - Mark Sheridan's - Andy Renwick's Ferret - The White Maiden - Upside Down at Eden Court
13Jigs: Archie Beag - The Whistlestop Cafe - Donald MacLean - Cameronian Rant
14Slow Air and Reels: Ruth Grant - Miss Katie Ness of Kinnysidde - Glen Lyon - The Cameronian - Bruce & the Troopers - Dancing Feet - The Highlandman Kissed his Mother
15Hornpipe and Reels: The B52 - The Galtee Rangers - The Double F Dilemma