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Young Pipers of Scotland

Young Pipers of Scotland
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Four of Scotland's most talented young champion pipers come together on one album, emphasising that the future of the Scottish piping tradition is in safe hands - Christopher Armstrong, Gordon Maclean, Stuart Cassells and Andrew Wright.
Tracks are as follows.

Christopher Armstrong2/4 Marches: Major Manson's Farewell to Clachan Trushal - The Ross-shire Volunteers
Strathspeys & Reels: The Shepherd's Crook - The Cameronian Rant - The Sheepwife - John Morrison of Assynt House.
Slow Air & Two Jigs: I'm Going Home To Kintail - Donald Cameron's Powder Horn - Donald McLennans Tuning Phrase
Gordon Maclean2/4 Marches: The Highland Wedding - 93rd at Modder River.
6/8 Marches: John Gordon of Drumie - The Highland Brigade at Tel E l Kabir.
Strathspey & Reel: Tulloch Castle - The Smith Of Chilliechassie.
Slow Air & Two Jigs: Cearcall a 'Chuain (The Ocean's Cycle) - Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness - The Kitchen Maid
Stuart CassellsSlow Air & Jigs: Morag Duncan - Alan McPherson of Mosspark - Ninth Street Nervous Breakdown - Eileen McDonald - Braes Of Melinish.
Strathspey & Reels: A.A Camerons - Wiseman's Exercise - Rusty Gun - Buntala's Sgadan - Silver Spear - Grey Old Lady of Raasay - Rip The Calico - Wizard of Skene.
Marches: George Ross Farewell to The Black Watch - P. M. Willie McLean
Andrew Wright 2/4 Marches: Ishbel S MacDonald - Inveran.
Waltz, Hornpipe & Jig: The Ant and The Glasses - The Flying Scotsman - The Old Wife of Milldust
Piobaireachd: The Groat