Bagpipe Servicing

As well as having our own range of bagpipes and accessories we also offer a servicing service!
It could be as simple as dropping off the pipes to be hemped up or dropping them off for the 'full works' such as a new bag, bag cover, cords, drone reeds, chanter reeds and get them going!
You might also be interested in a bagpipe refurb! Images of some of the work that we have done can be found on our website.
We offer lots of options that you can choose from. Imitation ivory ferrules/mounts/ring and bush replacement for new imitation or nickel. We can also replicate and replace broken/cracked sections that are needing to be replaced!
Each bagpipe service is individually priced based on the work asked to be done by the customer.
Pictured below is a customers set of a Kilberry Bagpipes "E" Set with an African Blackwood Kilberry Bagpipes chanter back for some work! They are being hemped up, new bag fitted, new drone reeds, chanter reed, set up and tested before dispatch!
Contact us to find out more!

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