About Kilberry Bagpipes and The Kilberry Team!

Kilberry Bagpipes Artisan Bagpipe Makers


We are proud to be one of the remaining bagpipe makers who make every bagpipe completely start to finish by hand through the traditional methods of bagpipe making. 

Based just off Edinburgh's historic mile, we take pride in being part of Scotland's rich history. Our bagpipes are crafted through many decades of expertise, learning and a passion for playing the beautiful instrument.

We believe every set of bagpipes should be bespoke to the piper. That is why we offer such a comprehensive service in-store and online to ensure every musician receives a quality instrument that meets their needs!

Please get in touch or visit us in-store to discuss your piping needs - our staff will be more than happy to share their intensive bagpipe knowledge to ensure a tailored experience just for you.

Kilberry bagpipes was established in 1990 by Neil Manderson and Dave Wardell. Neil and Dave have been pals for a long time and competed together in Craigmount High School Pipe Band in their younger years. 


Dave (Artisan Bagpipe Maker)

Dave has been at the business turning the highest quality bagpipes from day one. His impeccable craftmanship has never faltered over the years. Dave left school at 16 and took up a bagpipe making apprenticeship at Inveran House where he did a 4 year apprenticeship. He competed in the solos with great success and played in top grade 1 bands.

The business changed hands to Douglas Murray when Neil left the business in 2010. Douglas, otherwise known as Dougie, is a double gold medal winner and is the current pipe major of The Police Scotland Fife Pipe Band. When Dougie took over the business he immediately got his own set of Kilberry Bagpipes made and played them in the band competing at the top of grade 1! 

Dougie changed the look of the business along with developing the pipes and the pipe chanter with Dave to achieve an even higher standard! 

Dougie had the business up until 2018 when Gordon Nicolson, of Gordon Nicolson Kilt Makers, saved Kilberry from disappearing, what a relief!!

Gordon Nicolson (Owner of Kilberry Bagpipes and Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers)

Gordon has been the driving force behind the business since he took it over. Gordon has his own company that makes the highest standard of handmade kilts. Without Gordon’s involvement, Kilberry would almost certainly have closed, bringing an end to traditional artisan bagpipe making in Scotland’s capital city.  Not only are we partnered with them but we are also right next door, so be sure to pay them a visit when you are next in! Click here to learn more about them!


Ruari (Apprentice Artisan Bagpipe Maker) 

In 2019 Ruari Black was taken on as an Apprentice Bagpipe Maker straight from school. Ruari will be working along side Dave learning valuable skills and information that has been in the bagpipe making world for hundreds of years! He is currently playing with St.Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band in Dublin and is looking forward to his first season with the band when that's allowed to happen!

Ruari will be also be available to answer your emails as well as managing social media and making sure the website is up to date and functioning!

Not only will you see the Kilberry Team through the window of the shop but you will also be able to find us on Facebook and Instagram where we post lots of new and interesting content!

That's all for now, we will be sure to update the page if there is any more big announcements!


The Kilberry Team