Learning to Play Bagpipes!

At Kilberry Bagpipes we sell all the necessary learning material and products that are capable of taking you from having never played to be being a proficient bagpipe player!

Bagpipes require practice and concentration like any instrument. You have to blow, squeeze the bag, remember the correct tune that you are playing and also play it...oh...and march in time!!

To help the learning process practice chanters help eliminate a few of these factors, no bag, no drones, no marching and an easier blow!

What you will need:

Practice chanter:

The practice chanter is where you learn to play the basic technique, notes and tunes that you will need to play the bagpipes! The practice chanter is a fundamental part of anyones learning process. We have a couple of packages shown below where you can buy a practice chanter and a learners book that will give you all the information on how to play and get started! Different types of practice chanters are also available to buy individually if you would like something a bit fancier! 


A tutor is the best way to get started once you have got your practice chanter and learners book. A tutor will be able to talk through the book with you and give you feedback on your progress. Lessons are available from us at Kilberry, click here to learn more about those. If you are not local to the shop, get in touch and we will be able to help you find a tutor in your area!


We sell a couple of different learners books. The Kilberry Bagpipes Tutor Book and CD is a very good book that also comes with the CD and allows you to listen to what you are reading out of the book, this is our most ordered book! 

The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 1 goes into the same detail as The Kilberry tutor book and is also a highly respected tutor book.

The National Piping Centre Complete Highland Bagpipe Tutor is the most comprehensive bagpipe tutor book and goes into the most depth of any tutor book, it isn't essential but it is very good!


Once you are able to play the notes, scales, gracenotes, doublings etc that is all in the learner's books it is time to think about getting a set of Kilberry Artisan Highland Bagpipes!! Our artisan bagpipes are completely customisable and made to your order! If there is a look you are wanting then get in touch where we will be able to help that thought become a reality!


Got some questions? Drop us an email and we would be happy to help!