Kilberry Bagpipes Tutor Book and CD - Kilberry Bagpipes
Kilberry Bagpipes

Kilberry Bagpipes Tutor Book and CD

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Kilberry Bagpipes Tutor Book and CD

Teach yourself to play from this very straightforward and well laid out book. Put together by Dave Wardell and Neil Manderson, this is a very easy-to-follow teaching system. It is the ideal way to get started for those without access to a teacher. A CD is also included, with numerous tracks corresponding to the sections in the book.

Contents of the Book include:

  • The practice chanter
  • Learning the basics
  • The bagpipe scale
  • The G gracenote
  • The D and E gracenotes
  • Doublings Tachums Throw on the D Grips and taorluath Strikes
  • The birl Explanation of bagpipe music
  • Exercises
  • Tunes


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