How do I choose the right blowstick and bag size?!


Getting the correct size of pipe bag and blowstick is essential to making sure the bagpipes are comfortable and not making the job harder than it already is! 

Firstly we will look at the blowstick length:

It is important to remember that depending on your posture when playing will have a massive impact on the blowstick length needed. If you stand very tall, you are going to need a longer one to stop you from hunching over. If you stand in a more relaxed position then you'll require a slightly shorter blowstick. 

5'3" (160cm) or smaller: 8" or less
5'3"- 5'7" (160-170cm): 8"- 9"
5'7" - 5'10" (170-178cm): 9"- 10"
5'10"- 6'1" (178-185cm): 10"- 11"
6'1” - 6'5" (185-198cm): 11"- 12"
6'5" (198cm) or taller: 12"

If you're unsure of the size, err on the long side as it can be shortened if need be!


Pipe Bag:

Getting the correct bag size will ensure the correct posture and comfort when playing your bagpipes! If the bag is too small, you will be hooking the underneath of the bag too much with your forearm. If the bag is too big, you will be pushing down on the top of the bag and cause it to slide out from under your arm.

A very very rough guide to bag size:

5'4" (162cm) or smaller: Small bag
5'5" (165cm) - 6'0" (183cm): Medium bag 
6'1" (185cm) or taller: Large bag  

It is completely down to the player to know how the bag feels. The best possible option is to go for a medium and work from there. Medium is the most popular and highest selling bag from us and the manufacturer.