Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System - Kilberry Bagpipes
Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System - Kilberry Bagpipes

Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System

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Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System

  • Longer Playing Time
  • Excellent Air flow with no restriction to Drones or Chanter
  • Starts and Stops are easier
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Adjustable to suit any climate
  • Can adjust to suit individual depending on wet or drier blower
  • Can use for drones only
  • Gels absorb more (70% absorption) giving longer playing time in between drying
  • No dust particles
  • Strong flexible hoses prevent collapsing
List of Supplied parts:
  • 3 Air Hoses for Drone Stocks
  • 1 Air Hose for Chanter Stock
  • 1 Air pressure Control Material
  • 1 Canister Connector Cap
  • 2 Canisters complete with gels and Holding Bands
  • 1 Bag Additional gels
Installation of canister:

  • Identify the stocks and ensure that they are clean and dry, especially if they have been fitted previously to a bag where seasoning was used
  • Connect the drone Hoses to the stocks. Each hose is colour coded
Yellow – Chanter
Blue – Bass Drone
Orange – Middle Tenor Drone
Red – Outside Tenor Drone

This colour code helps the situation of the hoses in the bag. As a rule of thumb, the longest hose is for the bass, next longest middle drone and shortest to the outside

The fitting of the chanter hose is an individual preference. Many pipers only use the
drone hoses to keep drones dry and allow more moisture to the chanter reed.

  • Push the rubber cup firmly onto each drone stock until they fit the tying in the groove on the base of the stock. We recommend using electrical insulation tape to further secure the hose to the stock.
  • Having fitted all hoses you are now ready to fit the stocks into the bag.

Fitting stocks to the bag
  1. Start with the chanter stock. Put the stock in place and secure it by either tying in or using a hose clamp and O ring which is supplied with the Bannatyne Bag.
  2. When fitting the Blowpipe stock, you may find it easier to apply a small amount of liquid soap around the collar of the bag to ease fitting. Place your stock into the appropriate collar and pull through until secure. Ensure that the stock is angled properly for comfort in the position of the blowstick.
  3. Repeat stage two for the drone stocks. Ensure that the hose faces the correct direction towards the rear of the bag once in place.
  4. Fit the Hoses to the Canister Cap, matching the colour codes up. Ensure each hose is pushed properly through the Canister Connector Cap.
  5. Place the Air Pressure Control material in the Canister Connector Cap, ensuring the open part corresponds with the chanter hose compartment.
  6. Attach the Canister ensuring the yellow dot matches up the arrow on the Canister Connector Cap.
  7. Secure the Canister Connector Cap with the Holding Bands

The Moisture Control system is now ready to use.

Tips for Usage
  1. The orange gels gradually change colour to a dark green when they have absorbed moisture. The amount of playing time is always an individual matter and care should be taken to ensure that you do not allow the gels to become too saturated. The amount of playing time before the gels need to be dried will be something you will quickly learn.
  2. The gels will change colour at the entry to the Canister first, however, this does not mean that the whole canister is saturated.
  3. Only once the gels throughout the canister are dark green, is drying required.
  4. Usage of the chanter compartment and hose is optional. If using the hose to the chanter stock, you may wish to vary the number of gels in that compartment in the Canister until you achieve the optimum for your individual needs. This can vary from completely full to completely empty, but it should be noted that the chanter reed needs some moisture to perform at its best.
  5. Keep a dry spare canister at all times which you can use to replace one which is saturated.
  6. SPARE CANISTERS SHOULD ALWAYS BE STORED IN A SEALED ZIPLOC TYPE BAG. If stored in the open air the gels will not dry out, and in fact will extract moisture from the air in the environment, rendering them less effective.
Drying of Gels
  1. Remove the Canister by releasing the holding bands.
  2. Remove the lid (has the grooves in it) of the Canister carefully and empty gels very carefully into a bowl or jug that is microwaveable e.g. Pyrex. Place a piece of kitchen roll at the bottom will prevent the gels ‘bouncing’ out and going everywhere.
  3. Remove kitchen roll and place in an oven at 100C, heating for 45 minutes.
  4. Gels should have returned or almost returned to the original orange. If not, allow to cool as they will still be drying out as they are very hot.
  6. When the gels have cooled, refill the appropriate Canister chambers carefully (drones first), using a paper funnel or jug as again the gels are hard and may bounce.
  7. The system is ready to be used again.

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