Bennett  Pipe Bag - Hideskin
Bennett  Pipe Bag - Hideskin
Bennett  Pipe Bag - Hideskin
Bennett  Pipe Bag - Hideskin
Kilberry Bagpipes

Bennett Pipe Bag - Hideskin

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*If you have opted for the bag to be tied in by us please send or deliver your bagpipe stocks to us at Kilberry bagpipes and contact us to let us know they are on the way.*

Hide is perfect for beginners. It’s light and airtight and doesn’t need seasoning to keep it in condition. Perfect for the novice or the casual piper who can’t afford to maintain a rigorous practice regime.

  • A hideskin pipe bag is best for the occasional player, or semi-retired piper, or for someone starting out to play the pipes.
  • If you plan on practising 3-4 times per week, you should consider goat or sheepskin pipe bags.
  • You can expect the same tonal quality from a hide skin. However, there is a lesser window of optimum tonal quality – especially if you’re a wet blower. So a hide skin is perfect for a dry blower.
  • Hide skin can still take the moisture control system.
  • A hide skin pipe bag does not require any seasoning – EVER.

Our hide skin is of the highest quality and all our skins are hand-picked and tanned by our own tanner who we have worked with closely since the business was established in 1995.

All bags are made to order and have a waiting time of approx 7 days.