Duncan Soutar Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reed - Kilberry Bagpipes
Duncan Soutar

Duncan Soutar Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reed

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Duncan Soutar Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reed

This is essentially the part of the pipe that creates the sound(melody) from the pipe chanter. These reeds are hand-made in Fife, Scotland.

These Pipe chanter reeds are bright, vibrant and produce a clean and crisp sound.  They are excellent in all chanters we have ever used them in.  Moreover, Soutar reeds reliable harmonic and dependable chanter reed.  They produce a balanced tone and a crisp top hand.  These reeds work well in every brand of chanters such as Shepherd, G1, McCallum, Sinclair and Naill.

Reeds come in a Very Easy/Easy/Medium strength, Hard and Very Easy, meaning every reed.  This means Soutar reeds are suitable for every player of the Highland bagpipes.

These are of vital importance and any player should always make sure they have a good chanter reed in their pipes, as well as a few spare reeds in their pipe box

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