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Kilberry Bagpipes Practice Pipes

Kilberry Bagpipes Practice Pipes

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With two brass drones, which produce an excellent steady sound, and a chanter made from top quality plastic, these practice pipes come complete with bag and velvet bag cover.

They have an amazing sound - not dissimilar to small pipes and are ideal for indoor use. They can be of great advantage to the student making progress on the practice chanter. Additionally they would serve a student looking for an intermediate step before proceeding to the full pipes.

They are also really good fun for experienced players as they take very little air, are easy to tune, and produce a remarkably good tone.

The fingering technique is the same as the Highland, Scottish Small and Chamber pipes making them ideal for practising tunes.

The practice pipes come in at a fraction of the cost of a full set of bagpipes but it should be remembered that they are just for practice, they are not a replacement for Highland or small pipes.

They are made locally here in Edinburgh and are supplied at a remarkably low cost.

You will receive them within 14-21 days of ordering