Pipe Bands by Jeannie Campbell MBE - Kilberry Bagpipes
Jeannie Campbell

Pipe Bands by Jeannie Campbell MBE

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Pipe Bands by Jeannie Campbell MBE

Jeannie Campbell’s long-anticipated history of pipe bands has now been published. The book, Pipe Bands, which took the leading piping historian five years to compile! 

Jeannie, who was for many years the curator of The Bagpipe Museum at the College of Piping, told Bagpipe.News: “There is very little available on the history of bands so if anyone wants to know about pipe band competitions, who the winning bands were, and how the rules, methods of judging and playing requirements have changed over the last century and a quarter then the information is all here.

“The earliest bands in other countries have been noted, too, and while it would be impossible to include every band in the world I have included the histories of famous bands and some others which are not well known but their stories serve to illustrate how bands are formed and develop.

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