The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor - Kilberry Bagpipes
The Piobaireachd Society

The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

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The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor, compiled by Archibald Campbell.

The best selling book of piobaireachd of all time. First published in 1948, this book by Archibald Campbell, Kilberry, contains 118 tunes and a seminal Foreword written by the author.

This extensive introduction covers the nature of piobaireachd, the Highland Society competitions and their influence, the MacCrimmons, the Raasay MacKays, the Camerons, the connection to the modern tradition through John MacKay and Donald MacDonald and the literature of piobaireachd by Colin Campbell, Angus MacArthur, Donald MacDonald, Angus MacKay and General Charles Thomason.

There is also a detailed section on the construction and classification of the music and its composition

Fantastic piobaireachd collection, a must for competing pipers.

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