Old Set New Silver! - CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS

It's been a busy week at Kilberry Bagpipes with new sets being made and refurbishments being carried out!
The set below was sent to us by a customer over in America that bought this set of Kilberry Bagpipes from us in the late 1990s to early 2000s. The pipes arrived with us looking a bit worse for wear but were soon to be jazzed up to look as good as they sound!
The pipes have been mounted up with 27 piece Sterling Silver, new blowstick made, revarnished, hemped up and are sitting in Dave’s kitchen waiting for the varnish to set before they’re ready to be sent back to the customer!
Get in touch with us via email or social media if you would like to enquire about a repair, replacement or refurbishment: https://kilberrybagpipes.com/pages/repair-replacment-and-refurbishment

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