Sponsors of The East Lothian Online Solo Piping and Drumming Competition

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We are happy to announce we are sponsoring the East Lothian Online Solo Piping and Drumming Competition!!
The competition is a fantastic opportunity for anyone 18 and under to demonstrate their piping and drumming skills with fantastic prizes to be won.
We are looking forward to hearing the winning performances, best of luck to all the contestants!
To enter head over to: www.Crossbagpipes.com
Original Facebook post by Ciaren Ross Music: Click here
Thank you to everyone for taking a minute to check out the East Lothian Online Solo Piping and Drumming Comp. We have had a strong intake of competitors so far so make sure to get your entry in!
I am pleased to share one of our sponsors,
Kilberry Bagpipes have been extremely generous and have donated one of their Imitation sole and Bulb practice chanters with an engraved ferrule (Picture below). Doesn’t it look fancy? 🤩
A massive thank you to the team at Kilberry. Make sure to check out their other products over at their website.

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