Kilberry Artisan Scottish Smallpipes

Make time: 60-70ish weeks - This is an estimate, and estimates change

Please read:

At Kilberry Bagpipes, we hand turn every set from start to finish. On average, a set of bagpipes takes 5 days to make from a square section to fully sanded and finished to your custom order. All sets of bagpipes are set up and tested before they are posted or collected by our customers.

The pipes are all labelled with a letter that dictates the design of the pipes, e.g. ‘Kilberry Bagpipes “A” set’. Every set of bagpipes is made from the same wood and the exact same dimensions, the only thing that changes with the price is the mounts, ferrule, ring caps and slides, which have nothing to do with the key of the pipes or the sound.

We do not keep any sets of pipes in stock, they are all made to order.

Can't see what you are looking for? Contact us and we will help design bespoke custom bagpipes made to suit you!

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