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Kilberry Bagpipes

Kilberry Bagpipes Scottish Smallpipes (Acetal)

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Kilberry Bagpipes Scottish Smallpipes (Acetal)

These are made in the key of A, Bb, C, D and a dual set of A and D by Kilberry Bagpipes of Edinburgh.

The pipes have one bass drone, one baritone drone and one tenor drone, resulting in a lovely harmonic drone sound. They are mouthblown or bellows blown and are fitted with a maintenance-free synthetic bag. The pipes are made completely from Black Acetal (plastic) and overall produce an excellent tone. They are ideal for playing indoors on their own, or along with other instruments.

They come fully reeded and ready to play. Although these pipes are at a very competitive price when compared to some other smallpipe makers, the quality of sound from the 3 drones and chanter is extremely high. 

Available also as a dual set of smallpipes, with four drones and a choice of two chanters in different keys! They are ideal for playing indoors on their own, or along with other instruments.

If you chose bellow there may be a slightly longer wait as the bellows are hand made by Laurence Thompson who is very sought-after bellows and bag maker. The bellows are of the highest quality and have no problem inflating the bag making it a very effortless instrument to play. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none! 

Have a listen to this video of, Double Gold Medalist and pipe major of Police Scotland Fife Pipe Band, Douglas Murray having a tune on a set.  

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Currently, there is around a 6 - 8 week lead time on this product.


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