Kilberry Collection Sgian Dubhs

All Sgian Dubhs are made to order and not kept in stock - a waitlist of around 4 weeks 

Introducing the Kilberry Collection, made exclusively by the craftsmen at Kilberry Bagpipes.
These Sgian Dubhs are hand-turned by us at Kilberry Bagpipes on the same machines we use to create our world-class instruments. The handles are made from dense African Blackwood, leftover from practice chanters, small pipes, pipe chanters and bagpipes.
The designs range from the simple to the fully beaded - putting a traditional aesthetic in a new context. They are named for the classic piobaireachd tunes that, in another incarnation, they might have played: ‘Little Spree', 'Comely Tune', 'Glen Is Mine', 'Cave of Gold' and 'The Groat'.
Kilberry Collection blades are made from legendary Damascus steel, which has been folded and re-folded to create a teardrop pattern. Blades are sold unsharpened and sheathed in a leather scabbard.
A unique accessory for passionate pipers, highlandwear aficionados and collectors alike