Big Bore Adjustable Blowpipe
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Big Bore Adjustable Blowpipe

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The Big Bore Blowpipes are used by many top soloists and bands.

The Big Bore Adjustable Blowpipe is turned from solid Delrin for durable construction and adjusts to various lengths. The blowpipe has a 3/8" bore together with sturdy, replaceable built-in valve. Oval mouthpiece is also built-in. Latex Sleeve included.

The length of a blowpipe is taken from the mount to the tip. The length does not include the tenon(the hemped part)

Sizes are as follows:

Small: 7" to 8 1/2" (178mm to 216mm)

Medium: 8 1/2" to 11" (216mm to 279mm)

Long: 10" to 13" (254mm to 330mm)